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Helping You Grow into the Cloud


Small Business And Startup?

Managing your business can be challenging, but with the right preparation & planning, success is around the corner.


Growing or Larger ?

Often growth results in less free time,  less cash flow & more pressure.  We understand the issues you face & can partner with you to help realize your goals.


Ready to Do More with Your Cloud?

There comes a time where expanding your cloud integration to additional processes is beneficial. Let us recommend you the best option for your needs.

We Can help!

We strive to do one thing, simplify your life as a business owner.  

As your business grows & evolves, your technology & processes can quickly start to lag behind – creating inefficiencies, frustrations, and waste.

At Cloudmeb, we don’t just care about your numbers, we also care about the software and systems that deliver them.  And we make sure that these never lag behind, but stay right ahead of the game.

Our in-depth understanding of technology, coupled with our passion for growing businesses, means we have the know-how and can-do to take your business forward.

Our entire staff is Xero Certified so we can answer all your questions and provide recommendations on best practices.




4 Simple Steps:

Assess Your Needs


Tailored Solution


Implementation and Training


On-Going Support



Our Services

Switch to Xero

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Moving to Xero’s online accounting software will be a smart decision that marks the start of your digital journey.  You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


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We start with Xero and then personalize your bookkeeping service to include whatever you need for your business.

Outsourcing Accounting

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Outsource your accounting / payroll to us and free yourself up to get on with the smooth running of your business.


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Since we’re all about Xero, we get a kick out of sharing our expertise with others who are looking to switch.


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Support is key to making the transition to the cloud successful.  We are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Business Development

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Our first step to get you moving in the cloud is to do a process and technical audit.  Our goal is to find the best software to meet your needs so you can grow gracefully into the cloud.

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